The role of adding PE wax to cable material

2021-07-26   Pageview:297

Polyethylene wax has similar chemical properties and excellent electrical properties with polyethylene, but also has the characteristics of wax, with high melting point, high hardness, low melting point viscosity, good processing fluidity performance. The product is white flake or powder, tasteless, non-toxic, non-corrosive, and has excellent lubricity and compatibility with plastics, rubber, paraffin wax and ink, and is an excellent processing aid.

The main uses of PE wax are
1, Color masterbatch (dispersion, lubrication, brightness)
2, PVC profile / pipe / sheet (high efficiency external lubricant)
3, Compound stabilizer (improve dispersion performance and prevent dust)
4, Hot melt adhesives (improved heat resistance, viscosity adjustment)
5, Hot-melt road marking paint/road marking paint (improved heat resistance, viscosity adjustment)
6, Rubber (improved processability, carbon dispersant)
7, Cable material (increased filling, extrusion efficiency)
8, Ink (anti-settling, gloss, abrasion resistance)
9, Filler masterbatch (improve heat resistance, gelling agent, transparency)

With the development of wire and cable industry PE wax powder as a plasticizer for PVC cable material, has the advantages of good electrical properties, flame retardant low price, etc., so it is widely concerned in PVC cable material species.


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