Classification of leveling agent for coating vs paint

2021-09-08   Pageview:310

Leveling agents are roughly divided into two categories: one is by adjusting the film viscosity and leveling agent time to play a role, most of these leveling agents are some high boiling point organic solvents or their mixtures, such as isophorone, diacetone alcohol, Solvesso150, etc..

The other is by adjusting the surface properties of the paint film to play a role, generally people say that most of the leveling agent refers to this type of leveling agent. These leveling agents migrate to the surface of the paint film through limited compatibility and influence the surface properties such as interfacial tension of the paint film, so that the paint film can obtain good leveling.

According to the different chemical structures, there are three main types of leveling agents: acrylic acid, silicones and fluorocarbons.






This additive paraffin wax emulsion producers is a highly effective silicone surface additive that dramatically reduces the surface tension of coatings and printing inks, thus improving substrate wetting and preventing shrinkage. It also improves surface slip and gloss. It can improve anti-adhesive property in water-based system.

Provides good substrate wetting and anti-cratering properties; increases surface slip as well as scratch resistance and anti-adhesion; reduces airflow sensitivity in wood and furniture coatings; prevents the generation of Benard swirls; improves leveling and gloss.

Pre-diluted and added to coatings. Additive amount: 0.1-1.0%.



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