Micron-level silica matting agent

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Micron-level silica matting agent is very much used in coatings. It has high chemical purity, insoluble in water, various organic solvents and general acids and alkalis, only reacts with concentrated alkali, and has high chemical inertness.

Its refractive index is 1.46, close to the refractive index of 1.4~1.5 of various resins used in coatings, and thus has good transparency. The silica matting agent treated with wax will not produce hard precipitation in solvent-based coatings during storage. Since it is a porous substance, the low addition amount can produce strong matting properties.












In this emulsion system, anionic and nonionic surfactants can also be used as an emulsifier system to help the stability of the emulsion. The experiment of using long-chain alkyl ether sodium sulfate as an auxiliary stabilizer proves that the blending of surfactants can help control the particle size, amide wax msds improve the stability of the entire system, and reduce the content of flocs. Using these surfactants to produce emulsions can reduce the amount of residue, the particle size is easy to control, and the overall stability is also good.

Table 1-6 lists the positive results of the blended surfactants used in the vinyl acetate/butyl acrylate system compared to the formulations in Table 1-4. Here, the addition amount of fatty alcohol ether (30EO) sulfate used as a new-generation surfactant is the same.

①C1z/15 synthetic fatty alcohol +20EO.
②The freeze-thaw stability is between -15~25℃, stable for 5 cycles.
③All passed the 30-day 60℃ thermal stability test.

These emulsions are used to prepare semi-gloss paints. The wet scrubbing resistance results of the coating prepared with the previously prepared vinyl acetate/butyl acrylate emulsion are shown in Table 1-7. The different coatings are named after the nonionic surfactants used in the emulsion.


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