Classification of benzene propylene emulsion and advantages in coatings

2021-10-05   Pageview:705

Modified benzene propylene emulsion adopts advanced technology, high quality additives, special monomer and methyl ester polymerization.

It has good chemical stability, storage stability, freeze-thaw stability and mechanical stability, and the coating has anti-staining, weathering and color retention properties.












Experience has proved that it is best to add the silicone defoamer to the abrasive, and add as little water as possible, so as to maximize the dispersion of the silicone defoamer. The better the dispersion, the better the effect, and the amount can be minimized. It is advisable to add non-silicone defoamer in the paint stage. Even if the same defoamer is used and added in two stages, the effect of the defoamer can be better played, and the amount can be reduced to a minimum.

It should be noted that after the defoamer is added, that is, after the coating product is made, high density oxidized polyethylene wax it takes at least 24 hours to achieve a balance between defoaming performance and shrinkage and shrinkage, and obtain suitable incompatibility. So if you test the performance of the coating in advance, you will get wrong conclusions.

The amount of defoamer is always the lowest effective amount. In some occasions, if a certain defoamer is used, if the dosage of x% is good, then the dosage of 2.z% may not work well. In fact, the dosage of less than z% may be our range. But this should be based on the full performance test of the product stored for a longer period of time, and it cannot be determined by visual inspection of the presence or absence of foam. Because the thickener is added at the end, the viscosity of the product is greatly increased. It is very difficult to solve the foam problem caused by insufficient amount of defoamer.


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