Indicators of dispersing agent byk 2009

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High molecular weight wetting and dispersing agent for stabilizing silica-based matting powder in high solids and solvent-free coatings

Chemical composition: Structured acrylic copolymer solution
Solvent: Ethylene glycol butyl ether/propylene glycol methyl ether acetate
Additive dosage: 15 – 25% of matting agent dosage
Typical physical and chemical data:
Non-Volatile Content: 43.8%
Amine value: 4 mg KOH/g











a. Foam level measurement method In a 200ml tall beaker with a scale of 1ml, put 100ml paint samples into it, add defoamer, use a homogenizer (that is, a gas flow meter high-speed stirrer) to a constant 2000~ High speed stirring at 3000r/min. Figure Compressed air measurement of foam high water bath degree at each point of stirring time of 30s, 60s, 120s and 180s. Set the initial height of the sample as L-0, and oxidized wax liquid each increase of 1ml is represented by L-1, L-2,…, L-n. The stirring time can be set to measure the height of the foam. Figure 3-13 The device of the bubbling method

It can also allow the foam to reach a certain height and observe the required time. b. The specific gravity cup method is the most widely used method. Weigh 150~200g of human paint sample in a 200ml container. After adding the defoamer, use a homogenizer and stir at a constant high speed of 2000~6000r/min. The stirring time is 120s. Measure the density with a specific gravity cup immediately after stopping the stirring. Measure again after 15 minutes and compare with the sample before high-speed stirring.

The bubbling method is to introduce air directly into the person to make the system foam, which is different from other methods. It is suitable for low-viscosity paints or emulsions. Add 100ml of the sample into a measuring cylinder with a diameter of 5cm. After adding the defoamer, use an air-guided dispersion tube equipped with an airflow meter to pass air to the foam medium in the cylindrical measuring cylinder, 500L per minute, temperature control At 30°C, the foam height was recorded at regular intervals.


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