Application of powder anti-mildew agent BJ-759

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This product is widely used in the anti-mildew of interior and exterior latex paints, and is suitable for the anti-mildew of environmentally friendly latex paints and powder products as well as the production of products requiring anti-corrosion and anti-mildew.











Wear resistance effect Using the modification process described above, the pyrogenic silica modified with vinyl alkoxysilane is prepared in the polyester acrylate (Via kt in VTE 5968) resin as the wear resistance agent The light-curable coating is coated and cured to obtain a transparent coating film. Figure 13-29 shows the change of the abrasion resistance of the coating film with the content of fumed silica. The abrasion resistance is expressed in terms of turbidity (%) and wear loss (mg). The results in Figure 13-29 show that the higher the content of fumed silica, the better the abrasion resistance. After the addition of 30% (mass fraction), the abrasion resistance increases smoothly, so about 30% is the optimal addition amount . When the added amount is 28% (mass fraction), the wear resistance effect expressed by the two methods is 3 to 4 times higher than that of no addition.
The light-curing polyester acrylate coating with modified fumed silica is 3~4 times more wear-resistant than the unadded contrast blank, and the effect is remarkable. It also obtains a completely transparent coating film with low viscosity and no sedimentation. Coating system.

According to reports, the silane-modified nano-silica wear-resistant agent is suitable for high-quality solvent-free UV or electron beam curing indoor floor material surface coating, providing excellent wear resistance.
This modification method is the most common way to obtain nano-scale wear-resistant coatings, and has good development prospects, but the cost is high and the modification process is troublesome.

Preparation of Nano Anti-wear Agent by Sol-Gel Method
This method is to prepare a nanoparticle hybrid in advance. Using micronized wax lubricant the known sol-gel method, using commercially available silane as the starting material, the composition of sol nano-particles is obtained according to the specified modification effect. It is an organic-inorganic hybrid material, that is, it is composed of inorganic particles and organic materials in a controlled manner. Uniform nano-hybrid with molecular level (also called hybrid organic-inorganic) with an average particle size of 5nm. It can be directly added to commercially available coatings to form nano-particle structure coatings, so that the coating film has excellent resistance. Abrasiveness. The following examples illustrate its wear resistance.


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