How to use homotriazine fungicide

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It can be used in the pulp mixing tank, pulp forming tank, high level overflow tank, thickener and white water tank before pulp loading to reduce fiber degradation and improve paper strength. It has strong inhibition and killing power to various Gram-positive or negative bacteria, mold and yeast.

Homotriazine fungicide can be dissolved in water, alcohol and in any proportion, it can act alone or with other active components, its small inhibition concentration is 500-1000ppm. as a fungicide can be used alone or in combination with other fungicides.














Experiments show that the stability of CH 2-CHS i COMe) s under various conditions increases as the degree of dilution with water increases; the stability is greatly affected by the pH value. When the pH value is 2 to 4, it is montan wax quote stable The highest performance; when MeOH is added to the solution, the stability is improved; if there is a trace of F, the stability is reduced.

The composition of the aqueous solution 8] The hydrolysis rate of the silane coupling agent in the aqueous solution at pH 3~4 is relatively fast, and it is completely hydrolyzed to silantriol RSi(OH) 3 within 1~30min. The specific time depends on the carbon-containing functional group  The group. Silantriol is very unstable, it will condense into disiloxane alcohol, trisiloxane alcohol and higher oligomers. Table 16-4 lists the composition (Lentz method) of silanols (salts) in a 10% aqueous solution of vinyl trimethoxy silicon.

Ammonia hydrocarbyl silane coupling agent aqueous solution
① According to the neutral alkoxysilanol aqueous solution, insoluble gel is easily formed. yAminopropyltrialkoxysilane is alkaline in the aqueous solution, and the alkali can catalyze the =Si-OH to accelerate the polycondensation into insoluble matter, making the solution turbid. However, the dilute aqueous solution of agaminopropyltrialkoxysilane is more stable, and it can form a low-concentration solution in water. The possible explanation for this phenomenon is that it produces a seven-membered ring of =Si-OH and amino groups forming internal hydrogen bonds after hydrolysis, which slows down the progress of the =Si-OH polycondensation reaction.
②Y-aminopropyl trialkoxysilane is relatively stable in a solution with pH=3~6, the reason is that the zwitterion O-(HO) 2Si-CH2CHzCHNHS is generated.


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