Differences between strong acid catalysts and closed acid catalysts

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1, The curing reaction of strong acid catalysts starts at room temperature, while the curing reaction of closed catalysts starts at 65°C.

2, Strong acid catalysts maximize the curing speed and reduce the curing temperature, while closed acid catalysts emphasize in-can stability and reduce or eliminate adverse reactions between the catalyst and the pigment.













Anti-slip agents are also called anti-slip aggregates, pattern modeling agents, surface texturing agents, etc., which are additives to improve the anti-slip properties of coating films. Coatings with anti-slip agents are called anti-slip coatings, which can give the coating film anti-slip ability, prevent personal injury from slipping and falling objects, and achieve the required anti-slip degree.

Slip resistance is a special performance of the coating film, which is determined according to the requirements of use. For example, the coatings used on the deck of ships, offshore platforms, floating bridges, and stadium floors must have sufficient slip resistance. ensure safety. Another example is high-voltage power transmission towers, microwave towers and other iron aerial structures. Maintenance personnel often need to go up and down for maintenance and overhaul, and the coatings used should also have a certain anti-slip performance. In addition, when a large number of polyethylene and polypropylene woven bags are filled with objects and stacked and stored, they have smooth surfaces, which are easy to slide and difficult to pile up. The surface also needs anti-skid treatment, and so on.

The slip resistance of the coating film is related to many factors, such as the types and proportions of the base materials, pigments, and fillers used, as well as the construction methods used. This section only describes the addition of anti-slip agents to obtain anti-slip properties of the coating film.
Application mechanism of anti-slip agents. Friction and coefficient of friction
Anti-slip coatings involve friction phenomena and sliding on the surface of the coating film.
And the angle of friction coefficient to explain the mechanism of anti-skid agent.
Static and dynamic friction. An object with a mass of P is placed statically on the plane, so that the downward static object gravity P and the surface reaction force N of the same magnitude as P are on the surface of the object in contact with it, and N is balanced with P to prevent the surface Deformed or stretched. In order to move the object, a horizontal force F perpendicular to the gravity P must be used. This force F opposes the friction force f generated between the object and the surface until the force F used exceeds the friction force C.


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