Factors affecting catalyst life

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The catalyst should be used in strict accordance with the catalyst operating conditions instructions. Factors affecting catalyst life are.

1, The pretreatment condition of the exhaust gas i.e. the cleanliness of the exhaust gas
2, the temperature of the catalytic chamber.
3, Halogen and catalyst poisons.
4, the operating procedures of the catalytic combustion equipment, etc.













After the coating film is worn out, it becomes thinner and exposed, which not only affects the appearance, but also easily damages the paint film, and loses its protective and decorative effects on the substrate.

Anti-wear agent is an additive that improves the wear resistance of the coating film. Adding anti-wear agents to the coating that bears friction during use can reduce the loss of coating film abrasion caused by friction, thereby prolonging the service life and service cycle of the coating film, or improving the processability.

In the process of pre-coated steel plate processing, after the primer is applied to the structural preforms, the coating film wear is a common thing after storage, transportation, installation, and processing, micronized wax dispersion and sometimes it needs to be reprocessed and repainted.

Another example is sports facilities such as industrial floors, stadiums, and land arenas; libraries, hospitals and other buildings require higher performance ground coatings. If they have higher wear resistance, they can extend the life of the coating film. There are good economic benefits.

Moreover, with the prosperity of the city and sound and standardized traffic management, more and more markings on roads, parking lots, etc., require the use of various markings, lanes, instructions, etc. Good abrasion resistance, improve the cycle of repainting.

Emerging nano-grade anti-wear agent
In recent years, nanometer (nm, lnm=10-9m) technology has developed rapidly and has penetrated into various industrial fields.

Paint workers have discovered that nano-scale particles of inorganic non-metallic materials have high surface activity and a large specific surface area. Chemical technical treatment and modification of their surface can form nano-structured coatings. While obtaining a transparent coating film, it also gives Many excellent properties of the coating, such as excellent abrasion resistance and scratch resistance, excellent atmospheric stability, etc., are particularly prominent in the improvement of abrasion resistance, so its application as a wear agent has a very attractive prospect.


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