BASF PuriSt are R 3-12

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BASF PuriSt are R 3-12 is a high-performance copper-based adsorbent widely used for the removal of arsine, phosphine and reactive sulfides from propylene. “). It is also available in 3x3mm tablets if required.













Additives for powder coatings
As a 4E paint variety with high production efficiency, excellent film performance, eco-friendly and economical, powder coatings have been industrialized in my country since the mid-1980s and developed rapidly in the 1990s. At present, my country has become the country with the fastest growth rate and the largest production volume of powder coatings in the world. The output of powder coatings has accounted for 7% to 8% of the total output of coatings in my country, and it has become one of the important coating varieties.

Powder coatings are solid powder coatings composed of resins, curing agents (not needed in thermoplastic powder coatings), pigments, fillers and additives. Its main composition is the same as solvent-based and water-based coatings, but because of the particularity of powder coatings For example, the resin and curing agent are required to be solid powders or flakes that are easy to pulverize and disperse. The curing reaction temperature of powder coatings is relatively high, most of which are around 180°C. Therefore, the varieties of resins, curing agents, pigments, fillers and additives Subject to certain restrictions, many resins, curing agents, fillers and additives commonly used in solvent-based and water-based coatings cannot be used in powder coatings, and there are relatively few varieties that can be used in powder coatings.

In powder coatings, additives are also indispensable components. Although they are not as important as resins and curing agents, they are also indispensable and important components to obtain satisfactory film appearance, mechanical properties and chemical resistance. The proportion of additives in powder coating formulations is very small, ranging from a few ten thousandths to a few percent (by mass). Among the powder coating varieties, except for special electrophoretic powder coatings and water-dispersed (water thick paste) powder coatings, they all exist in a solid powder state and are painted in a powder state. They are not in contact with solvents or water and other media. Some of the additives used in type and water-based coatings are not suitable for powder coatings. Therefore, the types of additives used in powder coatings are obviously less than those used in solvent-based and water-based coatings. However, with the advancement of powder coating science and technology, the variety of additives has also increased significantly, and the quality of powder coatings and coating products has also been significantly improved.


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