How to use CERAFAK 110 Wax Dispersion

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CERAFAK 110 is recommended for use in solvent-borne primers and single-coat metallic topcoats in the field of automotive and industrial coatings. Due to the combination of solvents, it is particularly suitable for aromatic-free formulations.

Recommended dosage:

50% of additives (e.g.) based on solid binders














In a similar situation, when curing accelerators are used in matt paints of amino baking varnishes, if you simply refer to the curing accelerators and dosages added in the finishing paint formulations, the problems of baking curing and insufficient crosslinking of the coating film may occur. Because if the pH value of the matting powder in the matt paint is neutral, it will absorb part of the small molecule acidic curing accelerator, which will offset the original curing accelerator, which will reduce the effect of the coating film baking reaction. This is why When choosing the matting powder in the matt paint, the pH value of the matting powder must also be considered. The additives are modified polysiloxanes and waxes that are slippery and provide a special touch.

These components usually migrate or float to the coating film. s surface. Since these additives have low surface tension, low polarity, and certain release properties, if the additives themselves are not ideally designed or the additives cannot migrate further after coating, the addition amount is higher. It is easy to cause re-coating problems, which may occur no matter in the repair after painting, or in the top coat and varnish. These can be learned through communication with the additive supplier.

Polyether-modified polysiloxanes that have no recoatability problems at room temperature or low temperature usually break the polyether segment during high-temperature baking, which affects the recoatability after high-temperature baking. At this time, it is recommended to choose the poly internal acrylate leveling agent and its modified leveling agent that has leveling properties and can be recoated. If leveling is required to have a certain hand feel or scratch resistance, a polyester-modified polysiloxane leveling agent that can withstand high temperature baking (bake below 200 ℃ to form a film), such as Leva slip 872, is highly recommended. It is an example in which additives cannot be directly applied to different coating formulations, otherwise it will have a negative impact.


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