Physical properties of Michelman water-based wax emulsion ME39235

2021-12-14   Pageview:528

Appearance: Translucent liquid
Main ingredient: water
Solid content: 34.5~35.5%
PH value range: 9.0~10.5
Applicable PH value range: >7.0
Bronk viscosity: 10-50CPS
Ionicity: Non-ionic
Specific gravity: 0.99-1.01

Suggested usage and dosage
5-15% of the total formulation (solid content) is added by stirring at a later stage of production.













The curing temperature of the thermosetting powder coating depends on the curing reaction temperature of the thermosetting resin in the powder coating. Generally, the curing temperature of powder coatings is relatively high. The curing temperature of most powder coatings is above 150 ℃. To reduce the curing temperature of powder coatings, it is necessary to choose a seed crystal with a low chemical reaction temperature of the resin and high reactivity. The low chemical reaction degree of the resin is beneficial to reduce energy consumption and save energy.
The byproduct of the reaction between resin and curing agent is extracted in thermosetting powder coatings. The resin and the factor must be reversed. It is best not to produce internal by-products during the curing reaction. This is because, on the one hand, some by-products cause the environment Heji: On the other hand, it is easy to cause defects such as pinholes, shrinkage holes and pig pores in the coating film. Epoxy, epoxy polyester, polyester TGI C and acrylic-polyacid powder coatings produce a lot of problems in the process of rounding the film. Less by-products, surface polyester-HAA powder coating produces water during the chemical film formation process, and polyurethane powder coating releases the sealing agent during the chemical film formation process. If the coating film thickness is too thick, it is easy to produce pinholes, pig pores, etc. Disadvantages, the color and toxicity of the resin. The resin used for powder coatings should be colorless or very light in consideration of the quality of the powder coating and the stability of the color matching. In addition, from the health of the powder coating manufacturing and coating personnel, the resin is the best It has no odor and toxicity.

The source and price of resin are considered from the promotion and application of powder coatings. The source of resin is abundant and the price is also cheap, which is conducive to the industrial production and popularization of powder coatings.

There is no need for curing agent in thermoplastic powder coatings, but in thermosetting powder coatings, curing agent is an indispensable ingredient in the composition of powder coatings. If there is no curing agent, thermosetting powder coatings cannot be crosslinked and cured to form a film with certain wax slurry dispersion physical mechanics. Performance and chemical resistance coating film. The nature of the curing agent is the main factor that determines the performance of powder coatings and coating films. The curing agent for thermosetting powder coatings should meet the following conditions.

The curing agent should have the activity of good chemical reaction with the resin. It will not chemically react with the resin under normal temperature and melt-extrusion mixing temperature conditions, but will quickly cross-link and cure the resin under the baking curing temperature to obtain the coating. The appearance of the film has good leveling properties, and the physical and mechanical properties of the coating film and chemical resistance are good.


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