Introduction of oxidized polyethylene wax

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Oxidized polyethylene wax, also known as OPE wax.

OPE wax has low viscosity, high softening point, good hardness and other special properties, non-toxic, good thermal stability, low volatility at high temperature, excellent dispersion of fillers and pigments, excellent external lubricity and strong internal lubrication, also has a coupling effect, can improve the production efficiency of plastic processing, reduce production costs, good compatibility with polyolefin resins, good moisture resistance at room temperature, strong chemical resistance, excellent electrical properties, can improve the appearance of finished products, is the ideal product to replace montan wax, Chuan wax, liquid paraffin wax, microcrystalline paraffin wax, natural paraffin wax, polyethylene wax, etc.















With the increase of the added amount, the looseness of the powder coating, that is, the fluidity of the dry powder is good. However, excessive addition will affect the coating film. In order to make the anti-caking agent (loose agent) evenly dispersed, one method is to use a quantitative feeder to add the anti-caking agent during the smoke crushing process during the powder coating manufacturing process. Agent (loose agent): Another method is to use a three-dimensional double-stranded, v-shaped or barrel mixer to mix the powder coating product with an anti-caking agent (loose agent).

There are many manufacturers and suppliers of fumed silica, including Tianjin Chemical Industry Research Institute, Jinhua Kehong White Carbon Black Research Institute, Wuxi Wanli Coating Equipment Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Tianlong Trading Co., Ltd. and other units. In addition, the ACE MATTS 100 from Degus-sa, anti-scratch agent make Germany, and the CAB-O-SIL fumed silica M-5, H 5, HS-5, EH5, TS720, TS-610, TS from CABOT, Germany -530, CT1221 can also be used in corona discharge charged powder coating system. In recent years, a mixture of fumed alumina and fumed silica has also been used, as well as a single fumed alumina. Although the price is much more expensive than fumed silica, it seems to be used less and has better effect than fumed silica. The demanding products have already been used. The vapor-phase aluminum oxide SpectrAl 51, SpectrAl 81, and SpectrA 1100 from CABOT of Germany can be used in triboelectric powder coating systems, which can improve the quality of powder coatings, reduce orange peel, prevent agglomeration, and improve gloss and stability. The product specifications of TMS series fumed silica of Tianjin Research Institute of Chemical Industry are shown in Table 2-25; The product specifications of fumed silica for powder coatings of Degussa and CABOT of Germany.

Anti-sagging agent and corner coverage improver
When the powder coating is melted and leveled and solidified after electrostatic spraying, because the viscosity of the molten powder coating is too low, the coating film sags or the corner coverage is poor at the vertical bottom or corners of the coated object. In order to overcome this The additive added for the phenomenon is called anti-sagging agent or corner coverage improver.


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