MS-1 emulsifier

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It is mainly used in the polymerization of acrylic acid and its esters to produce emulsion process as an emulsifier, especially in the light and semi-light benzene propylene emulsion paint production industry, as styrene acid and acrylic acid and its esters emulsifier, with MS-1 emulsifier production of benzene propylene emulsion, good mechanical stability, formulated benzene propylene emulsion paint, good gloss, high solidity, can be used as a high-rise building exterior paint, not afraid of sun and rain sprinkling.

MS-1 emulsifier emulsification performance is characterized by the fine particle size of the resulting emulsion is about 0.1 microns, so the formation of emulsion and emulsion stability performance is good, not easy to delamination. As this type of polymerization can only be effectively carried out using non-ionic and anionic emulsifiers with a combination of performance, so as a combination of performance MS-1 emulsifier has excellent performance, almost vinyl monomer emulsion polymerization in order to get high performance emulsion essential emulsifier.












In the epoxy powder coatings commonly used additives are matting texturant, this additive can form a uniform sheen pattern or net pattern, in the powder coating also plays a role as a promoter. This additive is an organic metal compound, XG605-1A matting texturant produced by Ningbo Nanhai Chemical Co. AS185, etc. are of this type of product this product can be used in epoxy, epoxy-polyester, polyester powder coatings, but the appearance of the film obtained are not the same, in the epoxy powder coatings used more, wax oxidized paint with this texturing agent of different filler species and content of the sheep ring powder coating formulations and coating film performance is shown in Table 4-65; different additives content sheep epoxy powder coating formulations and coating film Can be seen in Table 4-66.

Production of wrinkles (orange grain), sand grain, hammering, metal flash, metal although epoxy resin can make! With general-purpose curing agent with Fine art type powder such as coating Powder coating, but more expensive than epoxy-polyester powder coating cost, coating film and no obvious advantages, so rarely used in industrial production.


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