4 advantages of wax emulsion for paper coating

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Wax emulsion can be used for carton, cardboard, paper, etc. It has the following 4 advantages:

*Resistant to acid, alkali and hard water

*Strong water solubility, stable emulsion

*Long shelf life, high solid content, good dispersibility

*Can be diluted with water in any ratio without stratification, emulsion breakage and caking













Epoxy polyester powder coatings have the following advantages and disadvantages.
The advantages of epoxy polyester powder coatings.
(1) The choice of raw materials is wide, polyester resin and epoxy resin oxidized wax dye varieties and specifications, through different varieties and specifications of polyester resin and epoxy resin of different matching, can be formulated with a variety of characteristics of epoxy – poly powder coatings.
(2) This powder coating with good matching powder and color matching, can be formulated high gloss, light, semi-light, no light, wrinkle, orange, sand, mesh, hammer, pattern, metal flash and metal plating and other powder coatings.
(3) polyester resin and epoxy resin in the curing temperature conditions of the melt viscosity is relatively low, the melt viscosity of the formulated powder coatings is also relatively low, the powder coating formula is easy to adjust, the leveling and decorative coating film is very good.
(4) epoxy-polyester powder coating in the baking and curing process, the release of small molecule compounds and by-products less, the coating film is not easy to produce pinholes, shrinkage and pig pores and other ills, the appearance of the coating film is good.
(5) In addition to the alkali resistance of the coating film, the chemical resistance of the coating film, physical and mechanical properties and epoxy powder coatings are about the same, the flexibility of the coating film, adhesion, impact strength and cupping properties are very good, without the need for primer.
(6) in the powder coating baking process, the film’s resistance to yellowing than epoxy powder coating is good.
(7) The manufacturing stability of this powder coating is good, and can be manufactured with general thermosetting powder coating melt extrusion manufacturing equipment.


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