Indexes and uses of oxidized polyethylene wax

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Technical indexes of oxidized polyethylene wax emulsion
1, Solid content: 30%-40%.
2, Appearance: light-colored homogeneous liquid.
3, PH value: 8-9.
4, Stability: no delamination, no emulsion breaking, no lumping.

Application of oxidized polyethylene wax emulsion
Oxide polyethylene wax emulsion is used in water-based ink, water-based varnish, agriculture, leather, shoe polish, forestry, wood industry, garden industry, water-based paint, water-based paint, paper products adhesive, textile softener and water-resistant finishing and other fields.

  Performance of oxide polyethylene wax emulsion
Polyethylene oxide wax emulsion with any proportion of water dilution without layering, no emulsion breakage, no lumping, acid resistance, alkali resistance, hard water resistance, strong water solubility, stable emulsion, long shelf life, high solid content, good dispersion, polyethylene oxide wax emulsion has very good scratch resistance, waterproof, anti-stick anti-fouling, wear resistance, soft, surface lubrication and other properties.

  Usage of oxidized polyethylene wax emulsion
Spray the polyethylene oxide wax emulsion evenly on the surface of leather and fabric, the recommended addition amount is 5%-10%, the specific addition amount can be adjusted according to the product system of your company.

Oxidized polyethylene wax emulsion
Package specification: 50KG/barrel 200KG/barrel 1000KG/barrel or tanker

It is a high quality polyethylene wax emulsion made by advanced production technology and high quality raw materials. It has fine particle size (transparent micro emulsion), good water resistance, high hardness of coating film, non-sticky hands, and is an excellent additive for coating, leather, textile and ink. It can also be used in the fields of ink, polish, varnish wax, liquid leather shoe oil, liquid car varnish wax, liquid floor wax and liquid leather jacket oil.


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