What are features of metal die casting release agent?

2022-01-19   Pageview:702

Metal mold release agent is used more and more widely, what are the characteristics of metal die-casting release agent?

1, good lubrication and mold release performance. That is, the release agent is required to have sufficient adsorption strength of the metal surface at high temperatures, can form a complete and uniform lubricating film in the process of metal deformation, and has a low coefficient of friction.

2, has good cooling and adiabatic properties.

3, high temperature wettability, good lubrication performance, separation and release ability, for deep cavity slender core, multi-directional axis core projection surface large die casting mold with superior release effect.

4, Low air emission, no oil pattern on the surface, no pores. No graphite, no chemical reaction to the mold, no corrosion, prevent sticky film, strains, no precipitation, no carbon, no coking, make the casting white and bright, does not affect the subsequent processes such as painting, electroplating.

5, No smoke, no pollution, keep the environment clean, good health; easy to use, conducive to automatic production.

Metal die-casting carbon accumulation, followings are the main three reasons:

1, the temperature inside the mold or mold cavity is too high, complex mold, complex structure, temperature is not uniform, the temperature is too high, the mold release agent evaporates and dries, sticking to the product surface, generating carbon or scale, the main factor is the component water in the mold release agent, generally use softened water, but some mold release agent with hard water, carbon buildup is easier to form.

2, mold or mold cavity temperature is too low, mold release agent this layer of film, can not be completely removed, will remain in the mold cavity, also produce carbon fouling.

To sum up the above two problems, we must choose a good release agent, spray evenly, not too much and not too little, to ensure that the internal temperature of the mold is uniform.

3, Inappropriate dilution ratio of mold release agent will also produce carbon and scale.

For the above die-casting release agent problems, should to choose the correct method, the ratio is appropriate, the problem can be solved. Tianshi metal die-casting release agent, not those fee materials made, is a fine synthetic materials, greatly solve the problem of mold release, provide production efficiency, product quality, reduce the subsequent processing.


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