The Application of Wax Emulsions for Textile

2021-05-09   Pageview:1276

Wax emulsion for textile is mainly as additive to improve surface properties and enhance chemical resistance. It acts as an acid, alkali and water resistant agent.

Tianshiwax has a group of R&D staff specialized in the analysis, testing, formulation and environmentally friendly application of waxes for textile. The tianswax wax emulsions developed with the addition of green raw materials, enable yarn manufacturers to produce high quality and environmentally friendly yarns after using green products and meet the demand for green products.

Model Recommendation

Model Appearance Solid PH Ionicity
LW-103C White Liquid 40% 3-6 N
LW-109C Yellow Liquid 40% 3-6 N
LW-150 Yellow Liquid 40% 8-10 N
LW-111C Yellow Liquid 40% 3-6 N
OE-6502C White Liquid 40% 8-10 N

Wax emulsions for textiles are mainly nonionic and have excellent emulsion stability. It is stable over a wide pH range. Therefore, wax emulsions for textiles are compatible with anionic and cationic finishing resins and allow the use with acids, metal salts, amines, dye fixatives and other textile chemicals. The new textile wax emulsions can be used to finish fabrics using conventional dipping and rolling equipment and methods.

It can be used in spinning equipment and slurry such as rewinders, airflow spinning, twisters, winders, doubling machines, sizing machines, warping machines, slotting machines, cylinder machines, yarn shaking machines, etc.


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