Multifunctional ultrafine powder for organic fluorine electret materials 3M TF9207Z

2022-04-09   Pageview:491

This product is a nano-scale PTFE ultra-fine powder developed by 3M Dyneon in the United States. The ultra-fine powder can be added to various plastics and rubber resins to improve the anti-adhesion, electrostatic storage performance, and anti-friction, anti-wear, anti-friction and lubricating properties of resins and materials.

Based on the fluorine element with the most electronegativity in the polymer structure, TF-9207Z is also widely used as an organic fluorine electret material. Filter materials including meltblown cloth are widely used, and the addition amount of only 0.05~0.2% can greatly improve and significantly enhance the filtration efficiency of various dusts and bacteria and viruses, especially suitable for production filtration efficiency of 95% or higher. Grade meltblown cloth.

Compared with other inorganic powder materials, 3M Dyneon TF-9207Z ultra-fine powder, the degree of polymerization is finely controlled and adjusted, and the primary particle size after shear dispersion is 120 nanometers, which has better compatibility with PP resin , It is relatively easier and more convenient to make electret masterbatch, and it is not easy to block the spinneret and produce die aggregates.

3M Dyneon TF-9207Z adopts the current global green and environmentally-friendly advanced polymerization production process, and the product has obtained FDA certification.


Application method of micronized ptfe powder

It can be made into electret masterbatch in advance, or directly added in the modified granulation of melt-blown material, or packaged with other additives to form a composite auxiliary package.

Packaging Specifications:

Net 25kg/cartoon box

Origin 3M Germany / USA

Organic-fluorine Electret Powder TF11 Appearance: White Powder Type: Organic-fluorine electret powder Model: TF11

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