The Use And Characteristics Of Polyethylene Wax(PE Wax)?

2022-09-19   Pageview:242

Polyethylene wax(PE Wax) is a chemical material, in which the color of polyethylene wax is small white beads/sheets, formed by ethylene polymerized rubber processing agent, which has high melting point, high hardness, high gloss, and white color. Features.
Polyethylene wax is a low molecular weight polyethylene homopolymer or copolymer widely used in coatings. The so-called wax means that the polymer finally floats in the form of microcrystals in the surface layer of the paint and plays a role similar to paraffin but more diverse and practical than paraffin.

The main functions of polyethylene wax in solvent-based coatings are: matting, anti-scratch, anti-wear, anti-polishing, anti-marking, anti-blocking, anti-precipitation, thixotropy; good lubricity and processability; metal pigment positioning sex.
The principle of action of polyethylene wax is as follows: polyethylene wax dissolves in solvent at high temperature, and precipitates when cooled to room temperature, and exists in the coating in the form of microcrystals. After the coating is applied, it can migrate to the surface of the coating film during the evaporation of the solvent, and finally form a “waxed” surface with other components of the coating.

The role of polyethylene wax depends on the following factors: the variety and specification of polyethylene wax, the final particle size, the ability to migrate to the surface of the coating film and the composition of the coating, the properties of the substrate to be coated, construction and application methods, etc., which represent The manufacturer is Nanjing Tianshi New Material Technology Co., Ltd.


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