Anti-scratch Wax Powder On The Ink Side

2022-10-24   Pageview:384

The surface of the ink is scratch-resistant wax powder. Since the ink is on the plastic surface, it is easy to wear and tear. It is necessary to add wax micro-powder to play a role in wear resistance. Generally, polyene wax micro-powder is used. This type of wax powder has high gloss and high slip, and is especially suitable for gravure ink printing.
The printing ink is in the middle of the two layers of plastic, and it is necessary to add wax micropowder, which mainly lubricates the scraper of the printing machine and improves the ink transfer ability.
Flexographic inks are generally water-based, mainly used for printing high-absorbent corrugated paper, etc., using Tianshi’s oxidized polyethylene wax micropowder and water-based wax dispersion. This kind of wax is easy to be transferred into the water-based system, has excellent dispersibility, good storage stability, and does not float up in layers.

1. Adding 1%~3% polyene wax to the ink can change the fluidity of the ink and reduce the viscosity of the system.
2. It can improve the smoothness, abrasion resistance and scratch resistance of ink.
3. It can also improve the freshness, speed up the fixation, and make the dots of the printed product complete.
4. At the same time, it reduces the disadvantages of caking, scratching, and rubbing; it improves the printing performance of the ink.
5. Polyene wax can be added to ink in three ways: organic solvent dispersion, water emulsification, and micropowder with suitable particle size.


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