Can Wax Powder Improve The Sagging Of Paint?

2022-12-01   Pageview:525

Can wax powder improve the sagging of paint? Anti-sagging polyamide wax powder has high thixotropy and is a kind of additive with extremely fine particles. It can make paints, printing inks and coatings have excellent thixotropy and achieve thickening effect.

1. Easy to disperse.
2. Excellent thixotropic anti-sag performance. After adding the Flu600 additive, it can ensure the strong thixotropic performance of the oil-based paint, which can effectively prevent the thick paint layer from sagging on the vertical surface.
3. Excellent flow leveling performance. It can improve the construction and flow performance of coatings.
4. Anti-caking properties. It can greatly reduce the precipitation of pigments.
5. Can be used in various solvent systems.

An ideal rheological agent should have high thixotropy, thickening, anti-sedimentation, temperature stability, etc., and can improve the workability of the coating without affecting the flow and leveling properties, and has a great influence on the gloss and adhesion of the coating film. performance is not negatively affected.

Rheological agents commonly used in solvent-based coatings include organically modified bentonite, fumed silica, (modified) hydrogenated castor oil, metal soap, polyolefin wax, polyamide wax slurry, modified polyurea and near The polyamide wax powder etc. that have been launched on the market over the years.

Polyamide is composed of non-polar aliphatic hydrocarbon moiety and polar amide functional group. The oxygen atom in the amide group has a high electronegativity and is easy to form hydrogen bonds with the hydrogen atoms of the hydrocarbon moiety. This molecule The polyamide wax is dispersed in the coating system to form a three-dimensional network structure through the hydrogen bond between them, and the coating has obvious thixotropy, thereby effectively controlling the wet film sagging and the precipitation of solid particles in the coating during storage.

There are many ways to prepare polyamide wax. The main method is to obtain solid polyamide through polymerization and dehydration of organic acids and organic amines under the action of catalysts, and then crush it into polyamide wax powder with crushing equipment. In addition, polyamide wax powder is also made into a paste wax slurry, which is convenient to use and does not require grinding, activation or high-temperature curing steps, and can be directly added to the paint to disperse evenly.


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