Application Of Wax In Water-Based Coatings Industry

2023-02-20   Pageview:253

The application of wax in the water-based paint industry, the scope of application of polyvinyl wax emulsion Polyvinyl wax emulsion is widely used in food packaging containers, textiles, resin finishing agents, softeners, printing inks, water-based Paint, printing glue, water-based varnish, etc.

Application fields: water-based industrial paint, water-based wood paint, water-based plastic paint, water-based architectural paint.

Application effect: improve the surface hardness of the coating, adjust the gloss of the coating (glossy, matting, sanding), adjust the friction coefficient of the coating (slip or anti-slip), adjust the coating feel (slippery, astringent, oily, etc.) Adhesion, anti-scratch, water repellency, anti-rust, etc.

Application mechanism: The product is provided in the form of a suspension of wax particles. The wax particles migrate to the surface of the coating to form a protective layer and at the same time change the surface properties of the coating. Generally, varnishes use fine to nanometer dispersed wax emulsions , the paint uses a wax dispersion with micron particle size.

Polyethylene wax has high hardness, high slipperiness, strong toughness and good chemical stability, and is the best coating protection material; stone wax has unique anti-adhesion and hydrophobic properties; polypropylene has high hardness and large friction coefficient, which is suitable for Suitable for coatings with anti-skid requirements; palm wax and Fischer-Tropsch wax have high gloss and smooth feel, which can improve the sandability of coatings; polyamide wax, EVA wax, EAA wax and microcrystalline wax are widely used in the coating industry There are unique applications; white mist wax has special effects in the field of wood glazing.


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