Application Of Polyamide Wax9(PA Wax) In Coatings

2024-05-21   Pageview:54

The application of polyamide wax in colorful coatings. The swollen structure of polyamide wax is network-like, has very good heat resistance and storage stability, excellent anti-settling effect, and improves the thixotropy of coatings.

Polyamide wax thickener is a thixotropic additive that forms a strong network structure in the paint system, has strong thixotropic properties, and has good anti-sag and anti-settling capabilities.

For systems such as paints and water-based coatings, it is unacceptable for the product to have no consistency. This will cause paint to smear everywhere during painting, as well as dark and light colors on the wall after painting is completed.
There is no benefit in wasting paint and wasting materials.

Polyamide wax thickener turns into a consistency fighter, representing paint consistency and eliminating sagging. Because it has these characteristics: it has strong and continuous anti-sag and anti-sinking properties, basically no precipitation, and has little impact on gloss and weather resistance. Very versatile and compatible with a variety of solvents and resins. There is no need to precisely control the temperature and pre-prepare the gel solution. In the wet film, the coordination of the metal pigments can be improved, which is to achieve the function of directional arrangement. Therefore it is a stable and powerful thickener.

TIANSHI water-based polyamide wax is a newly developed liquid water-based polyamide wax additive based on market demand. It can give water-based paints better anti-settling and anti-sag properties without affecting the viscosity of the paint itself. ,transparency. Especially suitable for aqueous systems.


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