Wax emulsions for textiles

2021-09-09   Pageview:395

Wax is used as a hydrophobic treatment, that softens and protects fibers, while providing gloss and a higher resistance to abrasion.

Emulsifying wax is mainly used in yarn finish and textile post processing agent. Yarn finish is to apply the emulsifying wax to the finished product line. This treatment produces high gloss, deeper and brighter colors, and higher elasticity and tensile strength.

Also as an important component of textile post processing agent to provide these textiles with excellent soft feel, good smoothness, gloss and so on. And as anti-adhesion in the printing binder.

Model Chemical Appearance Density g/cm3 Melting point ℃ Acid value mg KOH/g
OSW-151 OPE wax Light yellow pastille 0.95 90-95 20-30
PEW-0500-25B Yellow powder 98 28
Model Chemical  Appearance pH Melting Point ℃ Solid content
LW-102 Modified Paraffin Milk White Emulsion 6-8 52 45%
OE-6102 OPE wax off- white emulsion 7-9 115 36%
OE-6301 Light yellow emulsion 127 35%
OE-6501 Yellowish-brown liquid 137

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