PTFE Wax Aqueous Dispersion PTFE-1003 (PFOA Free)

Product Detail

PTFE Dispersion Grades PTFE-1003 are aqueous milky dispersions of very small PTFE particles in water, stabilized by surfactants. They are widely used in various application fields such as baking paint system, non-stick coating for cooking ware, impregnation of glass fiber and asbestos, etc.

Technical Parameters

Nature of the product PTFE-1003
Appearance White liquid
Melting point  ℃ 320
pH 7-9
Solid content 32%

Characteristics and Purposes
1, In water-based coating and ink, PTFE-1003 has excellent effects of abrasion and scratch resistance, also provide the functions of extinction, sticky and dirty resistance and smooth hand feeling.
2, High temperature resistance, it can be used in baking paint system, and the systems which need heat treatment production conditions.

Contents and Usage
Recommended additional amount is 1-2.5%, and if want to get extinction effect, the additional amount should be 3-5%.

Packaging and Storage
Plastic barrel, net weight: 25 kg/barrel.


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