Wax Technology Research Institute

Institute Introduction

Tianshi’s R&D team is composed of R&D engineers, application engineers and process engineers from different fields. More than 50 kinds of special wax additives have been customized and developed for customers. The quick response of Tianshi has won time and opportunity for the development of customer products. Tianshi has four application laboratories and analysis centers, including coatings, inks, engineering plastics and leathers. The company has been appraised as a high-tech enterprise, Jiangsu Polymer Wax Super fine Powder Engineering Research Center, Jiangsu Key Laboratory, Jiangsu Province Graduate Student Workstation, and undertakes key research projects of the Ministry of Science and Technology. owns 15 patents.

Enterprise Culture

Enterprise Mission: Promoting the Precision Application of Wax Additives in an All-round Way. Enterprise Vision: Set the wisdom of all staff, devote to customer satisfaction and success, build wax additives integrated production and service base, grow into a global wax additives industry leader.

Enterprise Value

Core Values: Warmth, Efficiency, Innovation and Co-growth To customers: sincere service, rapid response, stable quality, price advantage For employees: security, growth, sense of achievement, sense of belonging Shareholders: Sustainable Competitiveness and Stable Investment Return

Team of The Research Institute

The expert team has expertise in measurement and control, electrochemistry, optical mechanic, power electronics, signal processing, instruments and apparatus, etc.

9 professors and experts, 2 associate professors, 12 middle and senior title engineers, 2 of who are from the national thousand talents program, 7 doctoral supervisors

  • Xiaoping Zheng

    R&D Chief

    Research direction: Waxes Additives

  • Le Xu

    Sales Director

    Research direction: Waxes Additives

  • Yuanzhen Wang

    R&D Director

    Research direction: Wax Emulsions/Dispertions

Technology Center

Supercritical CO2 Melting & Spraying Tech, Annual capacity of micronized waxes 9000 tons,the average particle size control to 1.5 microns. Emulsifiable resin, wax, silicone oil and other products, the smallest particle size can be 20nm.

Marketing Network

With three sales teams of coating, rubber and plastic, and foreign trade, there are 30 sales engineers serving in China, Southeast Asia, North America, Europe, Middle East, Africa and West Asia.

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