Ethylene Acrylic Acid Copolymer Emulsion LW-290

Product Detail

Technical Parameters

Model LW-290
Appearance White translucent liquid
pH 7-10
Ionicity Nonionic
Solid content 30-32%

Characteristics and Purposes
1, LW-290 can provide outstanding adhesion to both metallic and cellulosic substrates, and enhances the
water resistance, grease& oil and solvent resistance of coatings and adhesives.
2, LW-290 can be used for extrusion coatings, foil laminate, special paper coatings, sizing agent, heat seal coating, nonwoven adhesives &coatings, or used as a thermally active binder in thermal transfer release coatings.
3, LW-290 can be used for cables to enhance adhesion. For heat seal coating, metallic (aluminum
foil), substrate-paper. For inks & OPVs, LW-290 provides adhesion and chemical resistances.
4, For thermal transfer, L-290 can be used as an active binder.

Packaging and storage
Plastic drum, net weight:
Please place it in a closed and cool place and pay attention to anti-freezing.
The shelf life of the original package at room temperature is 12 months. Once the container is opened, it is recommended to use it up within a short period of time.

Addition level and processing instructions
Be coated by flexo or gravure coating system.
System viscosity: EZ cup viscosity – # 3 cups, 8-13 seconds.
Recommended coating weight: 0.5 to 2g wet weight per square meter.
To ensure the uniformity of the product, shake well before use.
Test adaptability beforehand when mixing with other substances, especially considering pH.
This note is for reference only and is not guaranteed in any way.


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