Oxidized PE Wax Powder PEW-0500-25B

Product Detail

Technical Parameters:

Nature of the Products PEW-0500-25B
Appearance Yellow powder
Density g/cm3 0.95
Melting point ℃ 98
Acid value mg KOH/g 28

Characteristics and Purposes
Ø PEW-0500-25B is a non-toxic, and non-corrosive oxidized polyethylene wax. It has high softening point, low viscosity, and good chemical stability. And it has good compatibility with rubber, plastics and paraffin wax.
Ø PEW-0500-25B be used as additives, processing agent for light industry, chemical industry, petroleum, and other fields. It can also be used in PVC processing, hot melt adhesives, textile finishing, cardboard and paper industries, moisture release agents, coatings, precision casting mold, plastic packaging and so on.
Ø As the lubricant in PVC film, profiles, pipes, and plastic processing, it can improve the toughness of plastic products, makes the surface smooth, flat, and improves production yield.
Ø PEW-0500-25B can be widely used in paper industry after emulsification. In some paper products which with higher sizing requirements, it can provide unique sizing effect.
Ø Used as additive after emulsification: it can improve the softness of fabric when used in the finishing of dyeing and garment industry, it can also be applied to water-based inks and water-based shoe polish production, carton moisture and moisture resistance paper products, and mold release agent.
Ø PEW-0500-25B can increase the softening point, hardness and gloss of the wax products.
Ø PEW-0500-25B can be used for making hot melt adhesives.
Ø USE: Direct use, dissolve in solvent or use after melting.

Packaging and Storage
Ø Paper-plastic bag, net weight: 25kg / bag.
Ø This product is non-dangerous goods. Please store it away from ignition sources and strong oxidants.


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