Waxes additives for adhesives

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For the purpose of hot-melt adhesive, main role of the wax is to reduce system viscosity and regulate open time, setting period,heat resistance and block resistance. It can also help to modify the softness and ductility of hot-melt adhesive. For a small portion of the applications, block resistanceof the hot-melt adhesive can be improved by adding wax micropowder, wax dispersion and wax emulsion.

Waxes of different varieties vary substantially from one another in term of indicators, and can be suitable for different formulas. In particular, the existence of narrow-distribution synthetic wax offers more room for formula adjustment. Generally, hot-melt adhesive is applied with the wax for a viscosity less than 100mPa.s. Normally, such waxes are classified in term of melting point and crystallinity.

EVA hot melt adhesive     

Performances and features:
1, Narrow M/W, narrow melting range, low viscosity and no yellowing.
2, Good anti-blocking, effectively reduce the viscosity of the colloid, control the opening time, improve product fluidity, hardness and softening point.
3, Good transparency, yellowing-resistant, and has good compatibility with EVA and petroleum resin.

Wax, as an important component of EVA environment-friendly hot melt adhesive, not only affects the basic indexes of EVA hot melt adhesive, such as the viscosity and softening point, but also has an important influence on the adhesion performance, curing speed, temperature resistance and other properties of hot melt adhesives.

Model Chemical Composition Appearance Density g/cm3 Melting point ℃ Acid value mg KOH/g
PEW-0352W FT wax Small Bead 0.94-0.96 110±5 ≤20
OSW-102 FT Wax White Granule 0.94-0.96 100±5 ≤20

Waterborne adhesive

Wax emulsion for waterborne adhesive can improve adhesive property, heat sealability, opening time and low temperature resistance.

Model Chemical Composition Appearance pH Melting Point ℃ Solid content
LW102 Modified Paraffin Wax Milk White Emulsion 6-8 52 45%
OE-6102 Oxidized polyethylene wax off- white emulsion 7-9 115 36%

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