Product information of BYK-2013 dispersant

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BYK BYK-2013 is a solvent-free wetting and dispersing agent for 100% solvent-free, solvent-borne and aqueous UV-curable printing ink and coating systems.

Chemical composition: structured copolymer containing pigment affinity groups

Typical physical and chemical data
1, Amine value: 18 mg KOH/g
2, Acid value: 8 mg KOH/g
3, Density (20 ˚C): 1.10g/ml
4, Non-volatile component (30 min, 150 ˚C): >98.5 %
5, Flash point: > 150 °C














The amount of surfactant in solvent-based paint is relatively low. The air introduced by the preparation and construction is difficult to escape in the high molecular weight, high viscosity wax, and dense coating film. It is commonly used to add some low molecular weight and compatible substances into the film forming material as an air release agent. Methods.

The role and balance principle of additives in latex paint formulation design
Status and trends
The formula design of the traditional latex paint base paint for commercial interior walls generally adopts vinegar acrylic or uncle vinegar, and the PVC is about 40% to 50%. In order to improve the hiding power, rutile titanium dioxide is used. The fillers are mostly kaolin, heavy calcium and a small amount of talc. The dispersant is generally ammonium or sodium acrylate, and the wetting agent is hydrophilic. In order to get the hand feel, vinegar-C emulsion was selected. To ensure industrial production and storage stability, HEC is usually used as a thickener. In order to meet the color requirements of home decoration, an integrated color palette is adopted. Such coatings have good decorative properties, can meet the requirements of economies of scale, and are suitable for large-scale production and operation, but the coating film has poor resistance, including water resistance.

With the development of the economy and the improvement of people’s living standards, in addition to the certain demand for the above-mentioned home improvement coatings, there are also many special functional requirements on the market. Undoubtedly, the area of ​​interior walls is the largest in buildings, but the popularization and promotion of exterior wall coatings has been supported by the government in China. Certain functional interior wall coatings also have market demand. They have a small number of batches, many varieties, and different requirements. They are not suitable for large-scale production, but the added value is very high. This is the survival and development space of small and medium enterprises.


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