Polyurethane associative thickeners for waterborne coatings

2021-08-21   Pageview:601

The 80 product not only has excellent thickening effect, but also its thickening system has very excellent leveling and flowability, which is widely used in various emulsion paints, adhesives and other water-based systems, especially in various high and medium grade interior and exterior water-based architectural coatings, water-based industrial paints (such as wood, furniture and metal paints), water-based inks, water-based adhesives and petrochemical water treatment systems.










80 is a classic polyurethane-based, hydrophobic group-modified nonionic associative thickener. It is characterized by the absence of organic tin and APEO compounds, good film formation effect and low viscosity of the product. Compared with similar products on the domestic and foreign markets, 80 products have high thickening efficiency, and the product performance and use effect fully meet or exceed the best imported products of the same kind.

We can “tailor” our products to meet the specific needs of our customers and conduct trial production, testing and research applications of special products. Our company provides a full range of technical services and waxes for water-based coatings, and we hope that our products and services will bring you more help and competitive advantages in the market. Sincerely look forward to your support and cooperation!


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