Paraffin Wax Emulsion OE-6802

Product Detail

Technical Parameters

Nature of the product OE-6802
Appearance white emulsion
Melting point ℃ 60
pH 7-9
Ionic nature Non
Solid content 45%

Characteristics and Purposes

-OE-6802 is the high efficiency surface waterproofing which suitable for water-based systems, it can significantly reduce the surface tension of the film. It can move to the surface of the film to form protective coating during the drying process, to provide good water splashing effect.
– It is an ideal surface waterproofing for water-based varnish and water-based ink, which can make the coatings have lotus leaf effect to resistant water.
– Be used in exterior wall paint emulsions, it can improve the waterproof performance and anti-fouling performance.
– Be added into leather coating agent, it can increase the wax feeling, brightness and water resistance performance.
– OE-6802 can also be used in textile, non-woven fabrics, paper industries and so on.

Addition level and processing instructions
– Added into the systems directly, stir and use, dosage is generally between 10-20 %.
-The warranty period of the original package is six months, suggest to use up the emulsion ASAP once the package was opened, and shake well before using.
-Please consider its applicability before mixing it with other products, to consider the pH particularly, recommend to add the wax emulsion in the last step.

Packaging & Shipping
Paper-plastic barrel, net weight: 25 kg / barrel,200kg/barrel;
Delivery: 3-7 days after payment received.


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