Defoamers for coatings

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The defoamer has special effect on the foam produced by polyether, resin production, AB glue, flooring paint, etc. It has excellent effect on the micro-fine foam, with the advantages of low dosage, fast defoaming, long foam inhibition time, good water solubility, no oil spot, etc. It will not affect the film-forming property and will not produce shrinkage, fish eyes, etc.












Product characteristics
It is composed of polyol and synergist.
Can maintain good defoaming and foam inhibition effect at lower temperature
Good self-stabilization and stability, stable effect during storage period
No delamination under high temperature condition
Can be used within the applicable PH value range
Can be diluted with polyether substance
Fast defoaming and foam inhibition for a long time, no residue, no floating, no oil floating, no shrinkage, pinhole and other phenomena
Good self-emulsification, good phase solubility, good dispersion, no drifting, no broken emulsion, no fish-eye point and needle eye phenomenon, etc.

Technical characteristics

Appearance Milk white liquid
Active substance content 35%
PH value 5~8
Heat resistance temperature ≦100℃

Application areas

Defoamer can be used for waste leachate defoaming, cationic water treatment defoaming, white water defoaming in paper making industry, non-silicon, silicon free defoamer, ptfe wax powder. It can be used as defoamer and foam inhibitor in chemical, fertilizer, paper making, textile, emulsion polymerization, mechanical cleaning, environmental protection and construction industries.

Use advice

This product has a variety of substances, long time storage may appear stratification and a little precipitation, are normal, it is recommended that users stir before use, to ensure that the use of the effect.
This kind of defoamer can not be diluted with water, such as water dilution may appear stratification, so that the effect of foam inhibition decreases, and ultimately lead to increased costs, for which the company is not responsible for any responsibility.
Dosage: direct input, generally according to the amount of foam to adjust the amount of injection, the recommended dosage of 0.1% to 0.3% or 150-300g
The best point of addition depends on the paper type, the use of paper-making additives, speed, pulp gas content, etc.

Packaging and storage

Defoamer is packed in 50kg closed top plastic drums, stored in dry and cool place, not near heat source and sunlight exposure. If it catches fire and burns, it will be extinguished according to the general petroleum method.
Under the condition of unopened package, the shelf life is 12 months.


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