What is wax ?

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What is wax ?
1. a solid at room temperature, ranging in form from soft and plastic to hard and friable
2. melts above 40°C and does not decompose to a relatively low viscosity at temperatures above the melting point
3. transparent or opaque, but not glassy
4. polishable under slight pressure













Manufacturers of powder coating equipment are concentrated in the surrounding areas with Shanghai as the center. Part of the powder coating is the production of metal parts in the factory’s powder coating production line; part of the powder coating is sent to the special The powder coating factory commissioned processing. Most of the products of large household appliances manufacturers are powder coated on the home appliance manufacturer’s own powder coating line, and then the products are assembled.

There are also a considerable number of large aluminum profile factories, metal furniture factories, kitchen appliance factories, control cabinet factories, shelf factories, sports equipment factories, lighting factories and other products. After metal products are formed and processed, the powder coating production line of this factory Powder coating is carried out on the upper side, and some of the coating products are processed by a special powder coating coating factory through outsourcing. Therefore, the scale of powder coating plants (or workshops) varies from large to small. The large ones have hundreds of employees, and the small ones have only a few people. It is estimated that there are more than 10,000 large and small powder coating plants (including workshops) in the country. The technical level of automation is also very different, In terms of the types of powder coatings in my country, the main types in 2006 were thermal penalty powder coatings, which accounted for more than 90% of powder coatings.

Among thermosetting powder coatings, epoxy-poly powder coatings were the most important product, accounting for 45.4% of thermosetting powder coatings. %; followed by weather-resistant polyester powder coatings, which are estimated to account for about 32.7% of thermosetting powder coatings, of which TGI C-cured polyester powder coatings account for the majority, and HAA-cured polyester powder coatings account for a minority Since the price of epoxy resin has remained high in recent years, and the price of polyester resin is relatively stable and much cheaper than epoxy resin, the production volume of polypowder coatings has increased at a faster rate. The second category is epoxy powder coatings. Due to price issues, the growth of the amount is limited. It is estimated to account for less than 10% of thermosetting powder coatings. In addition, polyurethane powder coatings additives, acrylic powder coatings, and fluororesin powder coatings are due to raw material sources and prices. The problem is that it is difficult to get a large number of popularization and application. It is estimated that the total is less than 1%. From the situation in my country, most of the raw materials for epoxy-polyester powder coatings are in sufficient domestic supply and the prices are relatively reasonable.


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