Oxidized PE Wax PEW-0595A

Product Detail

Technical Parameters

Nature of the product PEW-0595A
Appearance Yellowish Powder
Melting Point    ℃ 138
Acid Value  mg KOH/g 20-25

Characteristics and Purposes

  • PEW-0595A is HDPE wax, with high melting point and hardness, and very good chemical stability, has good compatibility with rubber, plastics, and paraffin materials.
  • As additive for light industry, chemical industry, and petroleum industry, can be used in PVC processing, hot melt adhesive, textile finishing, paperboard box moisture-proofing, remover of paper industries, coatings, precision casting mold, glassware etchant and plastic packaging.
  • As the lubricant in PVC film, foaming processing industry, it can improve the smoothness, evenness and yield of the finished products.
  • Used as processing additive after emulsification, can improve the softening property of the fabric when used in the finishing process of the printing&dyeing and garment industry, application in the production of water-based inks, aqueous show polish, paper carton and mouldrelease agent.
  • Usage: directly using; dissolve in solvent; used after melting or emulsification.

Packaging and Storage

  • Paper-plastic bag, net weight: 25kg / bag.
  • This product is non-dangerous goods. Please store it away from ignition sources and strong oxidants.

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