How to use Biocide BK

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It can be dissolved in water, alcohol and propylene glycol in any ratio and can be used alone or in combination with other active components at a minimum concentration of 500-1000 ppm as a fungicide or in combination with other fungicides.












Choose the appropriate initiator according to the pH value of the reaction medium. Pay attention to the pH value of the reaction medium when using the redox initiation system in emulsion polymerization, micronized wax uses especially when H+ participates in the redox reaction, because the pH value can affect the redox potential. Thereby affecting the rate of redox. For example, the redox system composed of NaCl O; and Na2SO: can trigger the effect only when the pH<4.5; if the pH>5, there is no triggering effect. Therefore, when acrylonitrile is polymerized in water using the above-mentioned redox system, the progress or stop of the polymerization can be controlled by adjusting the pH of the medium.

When selecting initiators based on economic and technological rationality, when selecting initiators in industrial production, it is also necessary to consider economic and technological rationality, that is, whether the source of initiator, synthesis method, and economic cost are suitable for my country’s resources and chemical production. Status and development; the storage stability, toxicity and safety issues of the initiator during storage, transportation and use; the influence of the initiator on the polymer performance and the sticking situation; the three waste issues.
The coating industry widely uses free radical polymerization to prepare resins. Common polymerization processes include bulk polymerization, solution polymerization, suspension polymerization and emulsion polymerization. Among them, the most widely used are solution polymerization and emulsion polymerization. The requirements for initiators of the two are different and must be discussed separately. The principle of selecting initiators for bulk polymerization and suspension polymerization is basically the same as that for solution polymerization, and will not be repeated here.


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