4 benefits of using catalysts

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1, Lower curing temperature
2, Reduced curing time
3, Improved hardness, gloss
4, Improved mechanical properties of the coating












Even the polished surface has many tiny irregularities. When an object is placed on a flat surface, the real contact area is a point contact, which is much smaller than the apparent contact surface. The downward gravity of the object on the contact surface acts on many contact points.At the contact point, the molecules of the object attract molecules on the surface of the substrate that are in contact with it through secondary bonds, so one licowax surface resists the other surface at its contact point.

The static friction force moving above is the result of this bonding. Once the object starts to move, the dynamic friction force that resists the movement is caused by the recombination of the instantaneous bonding between each contact surface position when it continues to move. The rupture of this bond produces energy release in the form of sound, heat and light, and is accompanied by friction and sliding. Therefore, the larger the value of ps and k is, the greater the ability of one surface to resist the sliding of the other surface on the two contact surfaces. To prevent slipping, it is necessary to increase the coefficient of friction between the sole and the ground, especially the static coefficient of friction ps.

In order to increase the friction coefficient of the two contact surfaces, it is necessary to increase the bonding between them

The number of contact points. That is to say, people walking on the ground of various types and conditions, to prevent slipping, it is necessary to increase the number of contact points between the sole and the ground, that is, to increase the resistance of the ground to the sole sliding on it. Friction. Because the sole material, the degree of newness and oldness, and the size of the landing area cannot be exacting, only the contact point of the ground to the sole can be increased. An anti-skid agent is added to the coating, and after it is applied to the ground, the number of bonding contact points between the ground and the sole can be increased to achieve the purpose of anti-skid.

The principle of anti-slip agent
The effect of anti-slip agent in the coating film is exactly the opposite of that of the slip agent, which aims to increase the friction force of the coating film and increase the coefficient of friction of the coating film on the second surface.


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