Organic-fluorine Electret Masterbatch TF21

Product Detail

TF-21 dedicated to the melt-blowing cloth is organic electret masterbatch with polypropylene resin featured by a super-high melting index as carrier, which can efficiently improve the non-woven materials’ capacity of storing static charge of the melt-blowing PP. Therefore, the long-term stability of static charge after electret treatment can be significantly improved.

Dosage and use methods
The product is an efficient electret masterbatch and the dosage of around 1-1.5% can realize remarkable effect (0.5-2% is also allowed as per specific process requirements of customers).

Advantages of efficient organic-fluorine electret masterbatch
1.    Powerful static capacity
2.    Powerful electronegativity
3.    Powerful polarization adaptability


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