6 features of the anti-mildew agent KP-M20 for interior wall coatings

2021-10-23   Pageview:335

1, excellent antibacterial performance, broad spectrum sterilization, especially for Aspergillus, Penicillium, etc. have special effects.
2, pure water-based formula, zero VOC, safe to use and transport.
3, not easy to precipitate, not water soluble, good persistence.
4, the product particle size is small, easy to disperse evenly.
5, does not contain heavy metals, less irritation to human body, product safety and environmental protection.
6, good temperature resistance, and the applicable pH range is wide, 2-10 can be used.












Lucanthone/tertiary amine photoinitiation system
Lucanthone is also used as a hydrogen-abstraction photoinitiator, its maximum absorption wavelength can reach 380~420nm, and the corresponding extinction coefficient is also relatively high, hdpe wax suppliers about 10². It can make full use of the 365nm and 405nm emission lines of the light source [2?], This is much more effective than benzophenone. In the initiation mechanism, the photoinitiation system of thioxanthone is similar to the benzophenone system. Formula (7-11) is the structural formula of thioxanthone (TX) and various derivatives thereof.

Lucanthone is a light yellow powder with very poor solubility in most solvents, and it is difficult to disperse into the resin system. Therefore, the substituted derivatives are more practically used. Most of them have good solubility and dispersion properties, and the light absorption and photochemical activity can be improved. Commonly substituted TX includes 2-chlorothioxanthone (CTX), CPT X, isopropylthioxanthone (IT X) and 2, 4-diethylthioxanthone (DETX), etc. [Formula (7- 11)] .CTX is still not satisfactory in terms of solubility, and has been gradually replaced by the latter two.

The substituents on the thioxanthone molecule have a strong influence on its photochemical behavior. If the 2- or 7-substituent is an electron donating group, it can increase the maximum absorption wavelength of the derivative; the 3- or 6-substitution is an electron withdrawing group The same effect can be achieved when the group is used. The thioxanthone substitute must be compatible with the appropriate active amine to exert high-efficiency photoinitiation activity. Research has found that ethyl 4-dimethylaminobenzoate (ED AB) is the most suitable The active gum co-initiator used with anthrone has not only high activity, but also less serious yellowing. Lucanthone is very suitable for the light curing of colored systems, especially the light curing of titanium white coloring systems, because of its higher absorption wavelength and stronger light absorption properties. IT X has been widely accepted by the market because of its relatively good price/performance ratio. There are many other substituted derivatives of Lucanthone, and the ones that have been successfully commercialized are mainly the above-mentioned ones.


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