What are the types of yarns? What is the role of wax emulsion?

2021-07-27   Pageview:475

Followings are the classification of yarns:

Different raw materials used: pure cotton yarn, pure chemical fiber yarn, cotton-type blended yarn, wool-type blended yarn.

The different methods of spinning: ring-spun yarn, air-flow spun yarn, electrostatic spun yarn, etc.

Different processes of spinning: carded cotton yarns, combed yarns, peach wool yarns

Differences in product use: yarns for weaving, yarns for knitting, yarns for pile, yarns for cordage, yarns for fishing nets, yarns for cordage.

In order to reduce the friction factor of the sizing yarn and to ensure smooth weaving, the most effective current method is to apply a layer of smoothing oil on the surface of the sizing yarn, known as post-waxing. The biggest advantage of this method is that the smoothness of the sizing yarn is obtained with a small amount of oil agent without weakening the bond of the sizing.

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