Advantages of paint thickener

2021-08-19   Pageview:326

Paint thickener is a kind of rheological thickening additives, it can be very good to help thicken the coating. With the rapid development of the coating industry, the varieties and grades of coatings have been upgraded, and people have put forward high requirements for coatings.








Paint thickener naturally appeared in the public view, the low consistency of the coating will cause the existence of large uneven and irregular.

In the process of producing paint, the consistency of the paint is low and difficult to dilute, and the production cost is high, which will affect the production schedule. By using paint thickener, the effect is very good.

Water-based thickener is a high-speed rate thickener of acrylic copolymer without VOCs, which can quickly improve and adjust the viscosity after adding, and obtain stable, anti-sink, and decompression thixotropic properties. It can improve the film-forming performance and increase the gloss fullness of the paint. Water-based waxes thickeners are generally added at a dosage of 0.1%-1%, the specific amount of addition needs to be based on the actual situation and requirements.


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