How to use BJ-789 anti-mildew agent

2021-10-26   Pageview:753

Powder anti-mildew agent BJ-789 is a uniform dispersion system, this product can be added at any stage of production, 0.3-0.5% is recommended for exterior wall coatings and 0.2-0.5% for interior wall coatings.

The amount of addition can be adjusted according to the performance of the coating products and the use environment, high concentration is applied in the high temperature and high humidity environment in the south, 0.3-0.5% can be used in the north and the mainland.













Using nuclear magnetic method to study, no phenomenon of isomerization of C-Sn bond to O-Sn bond was found.
(3) Functional initiators Group transfer polymerization with functional ketene silicone acetal initiator monomers can be used to synthesize terminal functional polymers and macromonomers with polymerizable end groups. The functional initiators that have been reported include: cationic active polymerization initiators montan wax cost

Cationic polymerization catalysts are all acids, which can release protons or carbocations.
① Proton acids, including HCI, Hz SO, H; PO, H CIO i, CISO, H, HBr, HF, CH, COOH, CCl, COOH, etc., are characterized by their ability to dissociate and release protons.
②Lewis acid, in a broad sense, this is the most important type of cationic catalyst, including BCa, AlCls, TiCl, SnCl, FeCl a, Be Cla, ZnCl, SbCl, the process, the commonly used anionic polymerization initiators are essentially It is a basic compound, including a broad base, that is, a substance that can give electrons.


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