Physical index of paint anti-mildew agent DL-M80

2021-10-26   Pageview:259

Active substance: 2-n-Octyl-isothizolin-3-one
Appearance: Amber colored liquid
Active ingredient content: 45% (min.)
Viscosity: 40cP
Carrier: Propyl alcohol
Specific gravity: 1.034
Storage stability: Excellent
Color (VCS): 15 (max)












①Alkali metals and their alkyl compounds, K, Na, Li and Na NH 2, Cz H, Na, (Cz H;) sAl, CgH, Mg Br, CeH, Li, CaH gLi, etc.
②Alkaline earth metal alkyls, R2Ca, Rz Sr, etc.
③Alkali metal hydroxides, KOH, NaOH,
Sodium compounds, CHa ON a, (C. H.) 2NNa, (CgH, ), CON a
⑤ Alkali metal alkoxide, ROLi.
⑥Weakly basic compounds, NH3, ), NRs, R OR, Hz O, etc.
The most commonly used are Na, K, KOH, RLi.

Coordination polymerization initiator
The initiators of coordination polymerization are often called coordination (or complex) initiators, montan wax for cars and mainly include Zie-gle r-Natta initiators, x allyl transition metal initiators and alkyl lithium initiators. Among them, Ziegler-Natta initiator has the most types, varied components, and the most widely used. There are also homogeneous and heterogeneous phases. The role of the coordination initiator includes: one is to provide an active species to initiate polymerization; the other is that the remaining part of the initiator (usually a counter ion containing transition metal) provides unique coordination ability next to the initiation center, and this coordination can promote The monomer enters the growth chain in a certain configuration, that is, the monomer can be positioned through coordination. When the coordination bond between the counterion and the growing chain is broken, it is immediately formed between the end of the growing chain and the monomer.


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