Application of CLARIANT S wax

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CLARIANT S wax is an acidic montan hard wax, also known as vinegar wax. The product is easy to emulsify and has a high gloss, which is suitable for the production of water-based floor wax, car polish wax, leather shoe polish, jacket oil and emulsified silicone oil, etc. It can be mixed and emulsified with other waxes, such as CLARIANT E wax. Due to its high acid value, it can also be used with alkaline pigments in the manufacture of copy paper, paints and inks.

CLARIANT S wax is also used as a lubricant in plastic molding process to produce internal and external lubrication.CLARIANT S wax has high melting point, low viscosity, and excellent miscibility with other waxes, and can also be used as an important wax in precision casting.
















Improve the corner coverage effect into the leveling of the frozen filmImprove the texture of the coating film and the matting effect

The influence of some help on the appearance of the coating film
Because the amount of additives used in the powder coating composition is very small, in order to make the additives uniformly dispersed in the powder coating formulation, in the process of manufacturing powder wood coatings, it is required to have good compatibility with other ingredients and be easy to disperse.

The additives have good physical and chemical stability. During the manufacturing, storage, transportation and use (painting) of powder coatings, except for special requirements (for example, the chemical reaction of the accelerator during the baking and curing process) In addition, it generally does not chemically react with resins, curing agents, pigments, fillers and other additives, and is not easily affected by air, humidity, amide modified polyethylene wax paper temperature and environmental conditions. (3) Considering the color matching of powder coatings, the additives are preferably colorless or light-colored, which will not color the powder coatings and coating films. (4) Considering the storage stability of the powder coatings and the convenience of addition during the manufacturing process, The auxiliary agent is preferably in the form of a solid powder and has good compatibility with the resin and curing agent. When the auxiliary agent is in a liquid state, considering the storage stability of the powder coating, the amount used should not be too much.
Considering the health of production operators and environmental protection, the adjuvant is preferably non-toxic and low-toxic.

Considering the cost of powder coating and the promotion and application of additives, the price of additives is cheap and the sources are abundant.

Commonly used additives in powder coatings include leveling agents, brighteners, deaerators (deaerators), defoamers, dispersants, anti-caking agents (loose or loosening agents), accelerators, and powder loading rate Modifier, antistatic agent, friction charging aid, anti-scratch agent, texturing agent (including wrinkle agent, orange line agent, hammer line agent, sand line agent, cotton line agent, pattern agent, floating agent, moire Agents, etc.), anti-sagging agents, plasticizers, antioxidants, ultraviolet light absorbers, photosensitizers, antibacterial agents, lubricants, etc. The most commonly used varieties are leveling agents, brighteners, degassing agents, degassing agents, etc. Additives such as foaming agent and loosening agent. Various additives will be introduced in detail below.


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