Lanco wax pp 1362d VS PPW-0936

2021-04-20   Pageview:1258

Lanco PP 1362D is a readily dispersible wax with a high melting range and excellent toughness.

PPW-0936 is a kind of Non Polar PP Wax offers by tianshiwax, can be widely used in solvent-based system.

As wax additives, lanco wax pp 1362d and Tianshiwax PPW-0936 have similars but also difference.

Physical Characteristics

lanco pp 1362d PPW-0936
Appearance Fine white powder White Powder
Chemical Type Modified Polypropylene Wax Polypropylene Wax
Particle Size** (µm)Dv50 <9 6-7
Particle Size** (µm)Dv90 <22 14-15
Wax Melting Point °C 140 142


lanco pp 1362d PPW-0936
Wood coatings printing inks
UV and electron beam curing coatings solvent-based coatings
Coil coatings industrial coatings
Foil coatings Coil coatings
Varnishes Foil coatings

Addition Levels

lanco pp 1362d PPW-0936
improve surface finish  0.5 to 2% 0.5 to 3%
provide matting 1-5% wax slurry with the wax powder concentration at 20-30%

Based on some applications, tianshiwax PPW-0936 is an alternative of lanco pp1362d, anything needs, please feel free to contact our wax experts.


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