Does Wax Emulsion Affect The Drying Speed Of Water-based Paint?

2023-01-03   Pageview:323

Does wax emulsion affect the drying speed of water-based paint? The use of wax emulsion can not only improve the scratch resistance of the paint film, but also affect the blocking resistance and gloss of the paint film.

One of the mechanisms of action of the wax emulsion can be called the floating theory, that is, after the wax emulsion is dispersed into the paint system, the wax particles will flow toward the paint film during the physical drying or curing and crosslinking process after the paint is applied. Surface migration, gradually migrating to the surface of the paint film, so as to play a certain protective role, and the wax particles themselves have poor adhesion and are not easy to stick to other materials, so it can significantly improve the scratch resistance of the paint film Injury performance and anti-adhesion.

The wax particles are approximately uniformly dispersed in the system. After construction, the wax particles distributed on the surface of the paint film will affect the gloss of the paint film surface after drying. Because the particle size and distribution of different types of wax additives are different Similarly, when exposed to light, it will produce different degrees of diffuse reflection, which will also have different effects on the gloss of the paint film.

Due to the different styles of current woodware, the pursuit of high-gloss or matte effect or a certain anti-slip effect requires the selection of a suitable wax emulsion according to specific needs.

In the water-based coating system, the water-based waxes as additives mainly include water-based micronized wax in solid form and wax emulsion and water-based wax dispersion in liquid form. The main advantage of water-based micronized wax is that it does not contain emulsifiers, and has no effect on the water resistance of coating inks after film formation. Difference.


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