Process characteristics of PP molding

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Process characteristics of PP molding

① The molding temperature of PP is relatively high (about 230°C or more), but its melt viscosity is low and its flow properties are good. Increasing the shear rate and increasing the molding temperature during the molding process can reduce the melt viscosity. The rate is more significant, so PP has good molding processability.

②PP has a tendency of high temperature oxidation (more than PE), and its melt should be avoided as much as possible or the time of contact with air should be avoided as much as possible. Accelerate the oxidative degradation rate of PP. Otherwise, the mechanical properties of the PP board (sheet) will be reduced and its performance will be affected.

③The cooling rate of PP melt has a great influence on the crystallinity of the product, thereby affecting the transparency of the product. During rapid cooling, the crystallinity of PP is low and the transparency of the product is high, but the internal stress of the product is often large. PP is prone to molecular orientation during molding, thus making the product anisotropic. The molding process should be noted.

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