Physical Specifications of Lubrizol 2063

2021-12-19   Pageview:545

Chemical Type :Polyester-based phosphoric acid

Brookfield Viscosity :2600mpa.s

(No.3 rotor 2 rpm)

Flash Point (PMCC) :58°C

Solvent content :60%

Solvent :Ethylene glycol monobutyl ether

Metal adhesion promoter Lubrizol 2063













The quality of the coating adhesion (bonding force) is determined by the surface treatment quality of the substrate and the quality of the powder coating. At the same time, the control of the coating temperature is also related to a certain degree. It is generally believed that the high coating temperature is beneficial to the improvement of the adhesion. The weather resistance of the powder coating is determined by the weather resistance and modification of the powder coating resin itself, and also determined by the formula design of the powder wood coating. The selection of the variety and dosage of anti-aging additives such as antioxidants and ultraviolet light absorbers is also very important. Key factors.

The output of thermoplastic powder wood coatings in my country in 2011 was about 100,000 tons, equivalent to one-tenth of the output of thermosetting powder coatings, of which polyethylene powder coatings accounted for more than 90%. Thermoplastic powder coatings are widely used in the coating of highway and railway isolation barriers, and are also used in water supply pipes, mine pipes, fire pipes and cable casings above 100mmmm.

Companies with large output of thermal powder coatings in my country include: Hebei Langfang Fuquan Plastic Powder Co., Ltd., a professional manufacturer of thermoplastic powder coatings with an annual output of more than 5,000 tons, and has always been in a leading position in the field of engineering and pipeline thermoplastic powder coatings. , Successively solved the adhesion problem of the double coating of highway and railway isolation barriers; developed PO type, PEX type and double resistance type pipeline anticorrosive thermoplastic powder coating. Dajin Runteng Paint Company, Langfang Yonghe Plastic Powder Company, Wuhan Water and Plastic Powder Company, Hebei Anping Shengxin Netlan Company, etc. These manufacturers mainly produce thermoplastic powder coatings for highway and railway isolation sheds, with an annual production capacity of 3000 More than tons.

Wuhan Chunhe Industry and Trade Company mainly produces thermoplastic powder coatings, with an annual output of several drytons. Tianjin Kaifeng Plastic Products Co., Ltd. produces PVC powder wood coating products for the dip coating of metal roll nets. There are more than 100 thermoplastic powder coating steel pipe manufacturers in my country to modify linear low-density polyethylene. (LL-DPE) Mainly powder coatings, or blended with other resins, crosslinked, or added with suitable additives to increase coating strength, improve adhesion and stress crack resistance. The representative coating plant is Weifang Dongfang Pipe Manufacturing Co., Ltd., which imported a steel pipe hot dip coating production line from Japan and a plastic spray production line from the United Kingdom, and is in a leading position in my country in the field of steel pipe coating.


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