Application of polyester wax in engineering plastic masterbatch

2022-02-28   Pageview:355

Pigment powders usually exist in the form of small particles at the microscopic level and have a high tendency to agglomerate. In the production process of masterbatch, it is easy to cause problems such as uneven color distribution and insufficient coloring degree of products due to pigment agglomeration.

The processing temperature of engineering plastics is often above 300 ℃, which requires the dispersant to have better temperature resistance. TIANSWAX offers high performance dispersing aids. Polyester wax RL-9145 can effectively improve the dispersibility of pigments, reduce the amount of expensive pigments in engineering plastic masterbatches, and improve product brightness. Especially suitable for the production of high concentration pigment masterbatch.

Application of polyester wax in engineering plastic masterbatch

Excellent temperature resistance

RL-9145 is a polyester wax with unique molecular structure and excellent temperature resistance. It has excellent internal and external lubricating properties, wetting properties and dispersing properties in engineering plastics and polyolefin plastics. When RL-9145 is used in PA, ABS, PC, PS, PBT, PE, PP and other plastic modification and color masterbatch, more intense and bright colors can be obtained, and good mold release also gives the product surface better gloss , to obtain higher added value.

Good temperature resistance

good liquidity

Excellent wetting and dispersibility, good color development

Improve release performance



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